Dr. Brahim EL BHIRI

R&D&I, Smartilab Director

The Research, Development, and Innovation Laboratory -  SMARTiLab  - is a distinguished center of excellence committed to advancing multidisciplinary research and fostering innovation in the realm of applied and fundamental sciences. Aligned with the R&D department of EMSI Rabat, SMARTiLab serves as a laboratory that brings together a dynamic cohort of esteemed researchers, engineers, and dedicated professionals who possess an unwavering passion for scientific exploration and the creation of groundbreaking solutions to address pressing societal and technological challenges.

Since its inception in 2015 as the pioneering private research laboratory in Morocco, SMARTiLab has consistently demonstrated a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, cultivating an environment conducive to the free exchange of ideas and the seamless integration of diverse scientific disciplines such as physics, electronics, telecommunications, mechanics, energetics, computer science, and engineering.

By embracing this cross-cutting methodology, we are empowered to tackle intricate quandaries and pioneer new frontiers of knowledge, thereby propelling significant scientific breakthroughs and ushering in cutting-edge technological advancements.

Our research endeavors encompass a broad spectrum of domains, ranging from advanced technologies to environmental sciences, sustainable energy, information and communication technologies, and various other areas of exploration. These research initiatives are frequently undertaken in partnership with esteemed academic institutions, industry leaders, and governmental bodies, underscoring our commitment to research that is firmly rooted in practical application and societal impact.

As an esteemed research laboratory, we are resolute in our commitment to nurturing academic excellence and nurturing the next generation of researchers and innovators. In summary, SMARTiLab ardently contributes to the cultivation of a culture of inquiry, ingenuity, and collaboration, thereby shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for our society.

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