SmartiLab is attached to EMSI Group; The Moroccan School for Engineering Sciences.

Director’s Word

Innovation, our Priority

Nowadays, Morocco is taking new challenges thanks to its promising and highly committed human potential. Therefore, the Research, Development and Innovation laboratory belonging to EMSI Group and named “SMARTiLab” came into the world to confirm the determination of overcoming barriers that may hinder our researchers’ scientific ambitions and citizen aspirations.

SMARTiLab was created to develop a large intellectual property portfolio “Made in Morocco” whose research areas are based on Microelectronics, Energy recycling, Smart Grids, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and Telecommunications… Moreover, it joins numerical calculus and Micro-fabrication to experimental characterization.

As part of its work, SMARTiLab is making step by step its way and aspires developing, nationally and internationally, its cooperation and exchange policy with other laboratories and research organisms.

What matters, for us, is that SMARTiLab constitutes a great place for reflections exchange and ideas sharing, where each member have necessary technical and human resources, feels excited and able to participate into common projects. So that researches can be fruitful for all, while maintaining a citizen and a rich approach in values and aims.

Undoubtedly, the coming years will proudly prove that SMARTiLab is reliable and a trustworthy laboratory !

Deputy Director EMSI - Rabat