SMARTiLab came into the world to put researchers in the core of Morocco’s scientific development thanks to a collective and a multidisciplinary collaboration.

It is a new drive to innovation and especially a strong alliance between higher education and scientific research, so that an appropriate ecosystem can be established including innovative projects’ holders and technology development centers.

SMARTiLab was created to confirm that desire of developing a strong national research system and fixing the research within a citizen sense. Then, we hope to ensure this continuity in the future by creating other laboratories in EMSI Casablanca and EMSI Marrakech that share the same objectives and values.

We constantly discover with SMARTiLab new manners to conduct durably researches and studies in order to gain a deeper understanding of human and planetary needs.

Therefore, I invite you, dear interested, to visit our Website in order to learn more about our activities and conducted researches within a highly productive and collaborative environment.

I also encourage you to stay in touch with the SMARTiLab latest news, to contact us if you are interested in getting more informed about our work, to join us, or to explore potential collaborative projects in common.

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