SmartiLab is attached to EMSI Group; The Moroccan School for Engineering Sciences.


Innovation, our Priority

SmartiLab is the First Private Laboratory for Research, Development & Innovation in Morocco.

It is attached to EMSI Group; the Moroccan School for Engineering Sciences.
Since its creation in september 2015, Innovation is and still the core of its strategy.
SMARTiLab counts a multidisciplinary team composed of doctors, Phd students, engineers, associate professors, high-qualified technicians and talented students.

Who we are?

ISMARTiLab is committed to creating a stimulating and supportive environment for innovative research in Morocco. With this aim, our Team puts in target to:

  • Contribute to the international radiance of Morocco.
  • Offer to industrials a technological expertise of high value.
  • Participate in the growing scale of Morocco in the Global Innovation Index.
  • Develop and manage a portfolio of intellectual property made in Morocco.
  • Follow up youngsters with innovative projects.

IIIn SMARTiLab, we are deeply committed to developping innovative "citizen" centred solutions.
We are driven by deep values around :

  • Leadership.
  • Teamwork.
  • Deep sens of committment.
  • Customer focus.

IIIIn SMARTiLab, we develop innovative solutions:

  • MicroElectronics
  • Modeling and artificial intelligence
  • Micro-Energy harvesting and smart-grids
  • Internet of things
  • Smart-cities and wireless sensor networks

Our Departments

SmartiLab gathers two main departments : AMS & NIT which are focused on the following research fields.

Autonomous Microeletronics Systems
  • Microelctronics & Embedded Systems,
  • Micro Energy Harvesting,
  • Smart Materials,
  • Telecoms Systems,
  • HF & RF Systems Design,
  • Prototyping,
  • Electro Magnetic Comptability (EMC),
  • Optical Fiber Transmission.

Network & Information Technology
  • Internet of Things,
  • Wireless Sensor Networks & Embedded Systems,
  • Software Modeling,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Security Of Networks & Systems,
  • Signal & Image Processing,
  • Web Development & Graphic Design,
  • Mobile Applications & Design.

Why Chose Us ?