SmartiLab is attached to EMSI Group; The Moroccan School for Engineering Sciences.


Innovation, our Priority


The renewable energy project aims to support efforts for developping solutions using renewable energy sources to meet citizens energy needs especially in rural areas.
In this perspective, our team is working on finalizing the following products:

  • AquaSMART
  • Wind Energy project


An innovative project for wireless charging of connected objects. thus based on ambient electromagnetic energy recycling.
You find bellow some of the project's innovative products:

  • iMETA Power
  • META Power Panel
  • META Free Power


SMARTiLab is developping innovative solutions based on meta materials, MetaMaterials are very innovative materials with many unexpected characterisics that we bring into the following products:

  • MetaMaterial Absorber
  • Electro Magnetic Intelligent Material


In order to meet the citizen needs in terms of energy saving, consumption control and efficiency, we are deeply developping the following products:

  • SmartiCount
  • System of Injection Supervision