Proceedings of International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Humanity ICATH’2020

Advances in science and engineering have lower impact when the humanity side is ignored. For this reason, the International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Humanity (ICATH’2020) aimed at establishing this vital link in order to magnify such benefits. After all, such advances serve humanity and it is essential that both scientists and engineers should assess the impact of their research on society and humanity. In designing the scope and the theme of this conference, a broad spectrum of topics and disciplines, including different areas of engineering, and social science were included. This proceeding includes a variety of topics presented in the ICATH’2020. ICATH’2020 focused on advanced technology for the benefit of humanity.
This cross-disciplinary conference provides the critical issues for the benefit of the resource-constrained and vulnerable populations in the world. In addition, it provided an opportunity to identify the most pressing needs and discover the
Editors : Brahim El Bhiri  Ayman Mosallam and Ashraf Aboshosha
ISBN : 978-989-758-514-2


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