SmartiLab is attached to EMSI Group; The Moroccan School for Engineering Sciences.


We are an united team of several Inventors, Doctors, Phd students, Engineers, Associate Professors, High-qualified Technicians and talented Students. We are working together to design and innovate. We are proud to provide the best.

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Our Missions

SmartiLab offers a complete range of inventions for a better life. This commitment also fuels our ambition to be recognized as a socially responsible laboratory capable of meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

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What we do

SmartiLab offers several services, products and applications to all its customers.

  • Services

    SmartiLab provides several services for the study and development of a product, technical support and the Traineeship.

  • Products

    Do you have a project to develop ? Should they respond to standard specifications or unique ?

  • Platforms

    The SMARTiLab has, for its own, several technological platforms combining digital calculus and Micro manufacturing to the experimental characterization.

  • R&D&I

    Our RDI is composed of technology experts in the design and development of Micro Electronics, Micro Energy Harvesting products and Smart Grids solutions.